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Inspired by HERSHEY'S Baking Chips

Branch out from chocolate chip cookies and put your HERSHEY’S Baking Chips to new use.

Double Peanut Bu

Double Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Follow our two simple tips for cookies that look as sweet as they taste.

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Gone to Heaven Chocolate Pie

Get heavenly results from your pie crust every time. We’ll show you how.

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How-to Videos


Discover our secret to making the perfect cake for your family. For birthdays. For just because.

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Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

Thick and fudgy, or light and cakey? Learn how to bake the perfect brownies, every time.

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HERSHEY'S Chocolate Poke Cake

A moist and decadently rich chocolate poke cake – this makes such a great addition to any party!

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Our Best Baking Tips

Hershey’s expert bloggers have all the sweet ideas you need to Bake Happy.

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