Classic Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

Classic Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe



1 prepared pie crust or Graham cracker crust 9-inch (23 cm) (1)
3 cupsmilk, divided (750 mL)
3 egg yolks (3)
1 cupgranulated sugar (250 mL)
2/3 cupcornstarch (150 mL)
1/2 tspsalt (2 mL)
1/2 cupCHIPITS Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips or CHIPITS Dark Chocolate Chips (125 mL)
2 tbspbutter (30 mL)
1 1/2 tspvanilla extract (7 mL)
Lightly sweetened whipped cream (optional)


    1. Prepare the pie crust according to package directions (if necessary); cool completely.

    2. Stir the sugar with the cornstarch and salt in a medium saucepan; whisk in the milk. Set over medium heat; cook, stirring, until the mixture becomes extremely thick. Whisk some of the hot milk mixture with the egg yolks. Whisk the egg mixture back into the hot milk mixture.

    3. Cook, whisking constantly, for 1 minute or until smooth and well combined; remove from the heat. Place the chocolate chips, butter and vanilla in a bowl. Pour the hot pudding mixture over the chocolate and whisk until smooth and well combined.

    4. Pour the filling into the prepared crust; smooth the top. Press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the pie. Chill until completely set (about 4 to 6 hours). Garnish with whipped cream (if using).

    Makes 8 to 10 servings.
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